OPEN FLOW   All levels Vinyasa class; sequence flowing with breath from one pose to the next.

GENTLE FLOW   All levels slower paced Vinyasa; expect a gentle opening sequence, challenging strengthening standing poses, and longer held Yin and restorative poses. Beginner friendly.

FLOW AND RESTORE   A solid gold combo of flowing Vinyasa for the first half and restorative, long held fully supported poses for the second half.

RESTORATIVE  A deeply restful method of yoga utilizing props, bolsters and blankets to fully support the body in poses for 5-10 min at a time. Class may also include gentle hands on Reiki touch, essential oils and sound healing. 

OPEN FLOW LIVE  A regular open flow class accompanied by live improvised ambient music performed by various musicians.

MEDITATION  Drop in for meditation by donation; see the schedule for specific meditation times. 

YOGA & EMBODIED WRITING  A class integrating yoga asana and writing practice. Brief writing prompts are offered between movement sequences. There is no space made for sharing writing in this class, writing practice is offered as another tool to come into alignment. You are invited to bring your own notebook, or paper and pen are provided. This class is offered once or twice a month. Please check the schedule for updates.

SOLID GOLD SOUND BATH   Be bathed in golden sounds of rotating sound healing artists select Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You can find the details of upcoming sound baths on the workshops page. The sound bath is most often combined with Reiki and Restorative Yoga.